About us: How The Get Better Box was born

A team that truly cares because they’ve been there!



Whenever Marie fell unwell, she would try everything and anything to get back to good health – often wasting time and occasionally making things worse. Whenever Samuel suffered the sniffles, he’d use toilet paper to blow and wipe his nose, causing redness and irritation. Mistakes like this went on for a while, until one day they had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Marie: “Wouldn’t it be good if you could get a gift box sent to you with all the things you need to get better when you’re unwell!”

Samuel: “That’s not a bad idea. In fact, there’s something in that. The box could fit through the letterbox, so you don’t even have to be in or get up out of bed to take the delivery. It could be…The Get Better Box!”

And that’s how the idea was born. But they knew they had a lot of learning to do first, and so the very same day they began their research – brainstorming boxes and finding natural products that are proven to provide a feel-good feeling and support (and at times accelerate) a recovery process.

Over the following months they sought advice from health experts and worked hard to eliminate all unnecessary additives and needless drugs in the boxes.

We believe that more people should be replacing overly expensive, marginally effective and potentially toxic pharmaceutical drugs with safe, proven-to-work healthful herbs, plant based remedies and self-care practices where they can.

It was their aim to curate a line of get well gift boxes that can be entirely trusted and after millions of lengthy late-night talks, an exhilarating business pitch, hours of product procurement and generous doses of goodwill from friends, family members and freelancers, they are now ready to deliver just that to the UK Get Well Soon Gift Market, under the trading name of Delirious Fox Limited.


Our relationship: Get to know us a bit better

Samuel met Marie in a local pub when he was 21 and she was 16. They were instantly drawn to each other and by 2013, after spending nearly every evening and weekend side by side, they decided they wanted to live together. One of the first things they did was adopt a bunny rabbit, as Marie finds a house isn’t truly a home without a pet to snuggle with. 6 years on and the family of 3 is set to become a family of 4, with baby number 1 on it’s way! 💏🐰👶


Our background: Learn a bit about our work history

Samuel opted out of higher education to become a roofer, where he learned what it takes to run a business, manage complicated logistics and look after customers after closely shadowing his boss for many years. Marie left school after completing her GCSE’s to go to college and study Media Print and Production, while holding down two part-time roles – one of which was front of house at a golf club and another being a waitress/barmaid in a quirky sandwich bar. Her first ‘real’ job was as an apprentice copywriter.


After spending one year as an apprentice and another as a fully-trained employee in the same Central London-based Advertising Agency, Samuel encouraged Marie to go freelance. He supported her as she set up her new venture, which turned out to be such a great success that before long he was able to quit his job to assist her. Little Miss Content became a digital dream team, offering a combination of content writing and social media consultancy services. Meanwhile, Marie’s personal blog was also gaining traction. After 5 fairly comfortable years like this, the couple came to the realisation that this wasn’t what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. The industry was rapidly changing, and so were they.

Instead of applying their skills business to business (B2B), they decided to turn their vision of helping people on a more individual (B2C) basis into a reality, and The Get Better Box presented itself as the perfect way to do so. This way they get to spread smiles for a living, which fills their hearts with joy and feels much more aligned with their true purpose and soul gifts!