Guest Post: How to Rebalance Your Chakras


Everyone has seven chakras that start from the base of the vertebrae to the cerebral cortex. As author Anodea Judith puts it in her book Wheels of Life:

 “chakras are organising centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies.”

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “disk” and is the coordination centers for our mind-body system.

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3 Common Health Misconceptions

1.    Cold weather makes you sick

While many people get sick around colder times of the year, that doesn't mean that cold weather is what makes us sick. After all, we get sick because of germs and viruses, not the temperature.

So then, why is cold weather associated with sickness?

The most probable reason is the fact that most viruses spread faster in lower temperatures. The rhinovirus, the most common cause of the cold, reproduces more rapidly at cooler temperatures.

Moreover, some evidence suggests that our immune system is suppressed when exposed to cold weather, which considerably increases the opportunity of catching an infection.

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Press Release: Couple Re-invents Get Well Gift-Giving With New Range of Luxury Letterbox Care Hampers


Combining the age-old need for compassion with 21st century convenience, The Get Better Box is perking up life’s most vulnerable moments offering elegant parcels that contain purposeful products for a variety of occasions, or shall we say, situations…

Bromley, May 1st 2018: The Get Better Box is on two missions: 1) to offer the UK a new way of sending sincere well-wishes to loved ones when you can’t physically be there and 2) to help adults parent themselves and action self-care during their most crucial times of need. In a sentence, they want to make it easy for people to connect compassionately when it really counts.

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15 Incredible Ways to Unwind After A Long Day

Would you consider yourself a relaxed person? Do you suffer from overwhelming frustration and fatigue? Are you worried about your physical and mental wellbeing due to stress?

As we’ve experienced stress, anxiety and depression ourselves, we are in a position to understand a little about what you are going through. Though everyone's is different, there are common factors and suggestions we’ve discovered from our shared experience that can help and that’s exactly what we are going to pass on to you today.

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Big Night Out? Here’s How to Bounce Back!

There’s no shame in enjoying a little red wine with dinner, but when it comes to hangovers…

Well, let’s just say (and we’re sure you can agree) it’s a whole different ball game. We’re all adults here, we’ve all been there – no one is judging. There’s nothing like letting your hair down and getting wild with the people you love and awesome strangers you meet... But if you’ve overdone it with the alcohol and wake up the next morning looking (and feeling) like Godzilla, you realise the sober you isn’t actually so bad after all and start questioning all sorts, like “What on Earth did I do last night?”, “How did I even get home?” and most importantly, “How the hell do I bounce back, quick!?”.

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10 Natural Ways to Soothe A Sore Throat

Having a sore throat sucks! Whether you have the dry scratch, the tickly cough or the “oh my god I can’t bare this any longer!” There’s NOTHING fun about struggling to swallow, not to mention the bad breath and swollen neck glands that often accompany.

The good news is that most sore throats get better all by themselves within a week, rarely lasting longer than 7 days. Thanks human body – you are amazing. The even better news is that nature provides us with a huge host of ways that we can soothe our sore throats and speed up the healing process – shortening the time spent suffering. Thanks Mother Earth – you are truly incredible!

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10 Awesome Ways to Cuddle Your Cold

When the common cold creeps up on you, your body screams out for some TLC. Try as you might, you’ll soon discover there’s no use powering through your daily routine and acting as though you’ll bounce back within an hour will only make you worse! A cold is a cold after all, and the last time we checked even the Warriors of this world get sick from time to time.

The best thing you can do when you’re feeling under the weather is STOP,  and give your body what it needs to recover. When you’re all GO-GO-GO and no slow, it’s very easy to become misaligned, meaning you’re unable to pinpoint exactly what you should be doing or consuming to start feeling better.

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Runny Nose? Here’s How to Stifle the Sniffles at Home

Ah, the runny nose. In the grand scheme of things, you know that ultimately you’re lucky to not have anything more severe… but in this present moment? Well, you feel cursed – “why me!?” you cry, as if the Universe doesn’t understand that this is the worst thing that could happen to you right now.

Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of not being able to breathe properly through your nose, you start to consider ways of tackling your symptoms and improving the situation…

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15 Practical Ways to Relieve Stress

If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely that you’re stressed out. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Stress has been named the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organisation and according to a recent survey by Forth, 85% of UK adults are experiencing stress regularly. There are endless stats showing the harmful and growing effects of stress on modern society, with the main causes consistently being money, work and health.

But shared experience and justification doesn’t hold much value. This lies in the solution to this problem, which is actually far more attainable than one may first think. You see, if we can identify the causes of stress and learn to recognise the signals from our body, we can begin to address the issue head-on.

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