Allens Cough Lozenges: Ingredients and Extra Information

Have a stuffy nose, sore throat or scratchy feeling that you know to be the first signs of a niggling cough or common cold? You’re not alone. Viruses are incredibly easy to spread and sadly all around us.

There is no cure for a cold, nor a cough – but thankfully there are Allens Original Cough Lozengers to make symptoms a little more bearable.

Made from sucrose, glucose syrup, aniseed oil, menthol and peppermint oil, Allens Original Cough Lozengers are great for opening up the airways and lining the throat with a protective layer to ease irritation.

They’re non-medicated and non-drowsy, so you can take them any time of the day to sooth your throat or stifle the sniffles.  They’re not suitable for young children though, so be careful of leaving them around the living room for any little fingers to fiddle with!

Of course you should always read the labels and follow the directions provided on the packet, but other than that you are all good to go :-)

If you still feel you require more information or are unsure about any of the ingredients, please visit email or visit Alternatively you can email our customer care line via