Guest Post: How to Rebalance Your Chakras



Everyone has seven chakras that start from the base of the vertebrae to the cerebral cortex. As author Anodea Judith puts it in her book Wheels of Life:

 “chakras are organising centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies.”

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel” or “disk” and is the coordination centers for our mind-body system.

Chakra one: Earth, located at the base of the spine. It’s associated with survival.

Chakra two: Water, located in the lower abdomen. It’s associated with emotions and sexuality.

Chakra three: Fire, located in the solar plexus. It’s associated with personal power, will and self-esteem.

Chakra four: Air, located over the sternum. It’s associated with love.

Chakra five: Sound, located in the throat. It’s associated with communication and creativity.

Chakra six: Light, located in the center of the forehead. It’s associated with intuition, imagination and clairvoyance.

Chakra seven: Thought, located at the top of the head. It’s associated with understanding, knowledge and transcendent consciousness.

Picture your chakras as seven wheels turning. These wheels create a flow of energy running up and down your body. Sometimes our wheels don’t function correctly due to an imbalance. This causes a disruption of the energy flow. But no need to worry, an imbalance can be quite common. Here are five ways to get you chakras flowing again:



There is no better way to rebalance your seventh chakra than through meditation. Meditation will help achieve better clarity of your inner self. These days it’s easy to be on autopilot. We are constantly influenced by everything around us. Instead of being a machine attempt to be extremely mindful of everything you do. Meditation is the key to your internal world and we can’t forget to take time to connect with that.



Every chakra has different suggested yoga asanas. Particular positions are meant to specifically help stimulate and release bad energies from a particular chakra. The breath associated with yoga is also important, as it is a gateway between the mind and body.

Chakra one: Mountain pose, great posture to connect to earth energy

Chakra two: Revolved triangle pose, stimulates abdominal organs to help increase energy

Chakra three: Boat pose, helps activate your core and heals energy blocks and imbalances

Chakra four: Low lunge, this pose opens the heart space allowing the alignment of heart chakra energy

Chakra five: Easy pose, sitting crossed legged and chanting is a great way to open the throat chakra

Chakra six: Dolphin pose, this pose stimulates circulation around the face and brain, which stimulates this chakra

Chakra seven: Balancing butterfly, this pose needs concentration, balance and peace, which is perfect to help align this chakra



It can be hard to stop thinking about others when you have so many important people in your life. But it’s not selfish to take an hour to yourself. Using The Relaxation Box will allow you to connect to your inner self and see how you’re really feeling. You can relax by making a cup of Pukka Relax tea or by adding some drops of pure lavender essential oil in your diffuser. Also, be sure to run a bath and light The Chakra Tea Light Candle Set to rid chakra imbalances.



Spending time in nature will especially help rebalance your first chakra. After a long walk in the forest you feel more grounded. If you can, leave your phone at home. Listen to the trees moving in the wind and focus on the sound of your footsteps.  Don’t have time for a walk? Personally, I’ve found simple gardening like watering my plants has really helped me connect with the earth.


Chakra diagram.jpg

Every crystal has a different healing and protective property. If you’re new to crystal healing The Little Pocket of Healing and Protecting is a great start! You are provided with seven lightweight natural tumbled gemstones that correlate to each of your seven chakras. Whatever chakra is imbalanced keep the corresponding crystal along side you all day to promote positive energy or use them during your yoga and/or meditation practice.

A guest blog by Samantha Hunt, creator of the blog My Ethical Edit

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