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10 Awesome Ways to Cuddle Your Cold

When the common cold creeps up on you, your body screams out for some TLC. Try as you might, you’ll soon discover there’s no use powering through your daily routine and acting as though you’ll bounce back within an hour will only make you worse! A cold is a cold after all, and the last time we checked even the Warriors of this world get sick from time to time.

The best thing you can do when you’re feeling under the weather is STOP,  and give your body what it needs to recover. When you’re all GO-GO-GO and no slow, it’s very easy to become misaligned, meaning you’re unable to pinpoint exactly what you should be doing or consuming to start feeling better.

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Runny Nose? Here’s How to Stifle the Sniffles at Home

Ah, the runny nose. In the grand scheme of things, you know that ultimately you’re lucky to not have anything more severe… but in this present moment? Well, you feel cursed – “why me!?” you cry, as if the Universe doesn’t understand that this is the worst thing that could happen to you right now.

Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock of not being able to breathe properly through your nose, you start to consider ways of tackling your symptoms and improving the situation…

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