Little Pocket of Healing & Protection

Little Pocket of Healing & Protection


Do you feel misaligned or out of balance? Maybe you’re struggling with an emotional trauma or physical illness? Or it could simply be that you are waking up to your own spiritual path… whatever it is that is going on for you right now, we believe you were lead here for a good reason…

The healing potency of crystals could help provide some relief and support your mind, body and spirit, no matter what your unique set of circumstances are. This Little Pocket of Healing and Protection contains 7 lightweight natural tumbled gemstones with a nurturing frequency for every Chakra (energy centre in your body).

Ideal for day-to-day use and hand packaged with the purest of intentions, the Little Pocket of Healing and Protection is ideal to carry with you wherever you go, place in your sacred altar at home or use as a meditation or Reiki aid when you feel guided to.

This Chakra Stones Set contains:

Quartz Crystal - Provides overall balance of the Chakra system.

Amethyst - Supports mental organizing, is concerned with understanding knowledge.

Sodalite - Assists with communication, personal expression and the flow of information.  

Green Quartz - Helps with relationships and personal development.

Citrine - Inspires self-confidence and ignites personal power.

Agate - Functions to flourish creative feelings and sexual drive.

Hematite - Gives stability around energy distribution and physical survival

Each Chakra Stone Set comes complete with a clear visual and written guide to ensure you can get the very most from this healing and protective package.

Directions for use:

These crystals can be placed on the body following the chakra guidelines, or by using your intuition if it directs you otherwise. For example, maybe your intuition guides you to use amethyst on your heart chakra and green quartz on your third eye. There are no right or wrong ways to use the chakra crystals and chances are if you feel "guided" to use a certain crystal on a certain point, it is most likely to be the most beneficial point to place it.

How to charge & cleanse your chakra crystals:

Don't forget to regularly charge and cleanse your crystals. Cleansing can be as simple as running the crystal under the cold tap while visualising the negativity being washed away. And a night on your windowsill in the moonlight (full moon is particularly effective) will give your crystal an energy boost. Sunlight works just as well, but may make some crystals fade.

PLEASE NOTE: These natural crystals have been formed over millions of years, which means they may vary in colour slightly, vaguely differing from the product photo shown. As with anything created by nature, there may also be “imperfections”. We have tried to provide the most accurate representation possible but every crystal we sell is completely unique, which is what makes them so special. Rest assured this does not affect the healing and protecting properties in anyway and does in fact enhance them.

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