Kindness is the cure!

Send love through the letterbox…

Show you care even when you can’t physically be there with our luxury ready-made care hampers and survival kits, designed to reinvent get well gift giving forever.


Parcels with proper personality…

The Get Better Box® is unique because, unlike flowers or cuddly toys, these are gifts that aren’t just pretty, personalisable and pristinely packaged, they’re practical too. We make it easy for people to connect compassionately, as well as conveniently, when it really counts.


… And the power to make your loved ones smile 😃

Changing the world one box at a time! Designed to make sure no one ever has to go without feeling comforted and cared for in times of need, every item inside each box has been selected with deep consideration and the purest of intentions – natural products to support a natural recovery process.

Whatever the symptom, whatever the situation 🎁

We’ve done all of the thinking for you. Our Get Better Boxes contain a mixture of pick-me-up products and home comforts to support (and at times accelerate) wellness after a bout of ill health, be it mental, physical or a combination.

Self-care is just as special as a surprise ❤️

See a box that speaks to your current situation? Need something to ease your symptoms? Honour your needs. Soothe your own soul by gifting yourself a Get Better Box, Pocket Pouch or Survival Kit today – there really is no better way!

Our customers often realise that they don’t need drugs to cope with or mask their symptoms, they can get the same if not better results with some healthy, healing products and time out to rest – nature already has the answers! 🌱
— Samuel Copper & Marie Penrose, Co Founders