The De-Stress Box

The De-Stress Box


Life can be hard work. There are so many challenging and consistent demands for our time and energy in the modern world that it is easy to become stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted.

The De-Stress Box is designed to help you cope with the pressures of everyday life. Packed full of practical and playful pick-me-up products and some healthy home comforts, The De-Stress Box will encourage you to take some much-needed time for yourself.  

The De-Stress Box contains:

  • A Stressdot Card by Stress Check
  • A Smiley Bendy Man by Stress Check
  • A Head Massager
  • A Mini Colouring Book & Tube of Pencils
  • 4 Three Tulsi Pukka Tea Bags
  • A Lavender Roll on Essential Oil
  • A Stabilising Your Stress Booklet

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