The Hangover Box

The Hangover Box


Had a heavy night or know someone that has one coming up? Maybe you’ve arranged a hen do or you’re sending your first born off to University… Whatever the occasion, The Hangover Box will go down a treat.

Designed to help you or your loved one handle hard-core hangovers and rejuvenate after a restless night, this box contains everything you need to pull yourself together and face the world again! 

The Hangover Box contains:

  • A Homemade Sleeping Mask
  • A Packet of Hangover Cure Mints
  • SOS Rehydrate
  • A Sick Bag
  • A Packet of Andrex Classic Clean Washlets To Go
  • 4 Detox Pukka Tea Bags
  • A Lavandin Roll on Essential Oil
  • A Handling Your Hangover Booklet

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